The Safest Way to Backup Tally
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The only safe Tally backup

You dont need to worry about the company data files anymore
Your tally will be backed up every hour automagically..

Backup All the Tally ERP Data, Busy Data Seamlessly
Restore Corrupted Tally Data

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Backup Anything
Backup Everything

Backup all type of data
Tally, Email, Word, Excel, Pdf.

Let's Learn how to backup

How to backup
tally data ?

Backing up tally or any data is fairly easy

First we need to get an account in dewDrive

Click on Get Started in top right hand corner to get the sign up form and fill in with the valid details and click Submit

Installing dewDRIVE

Download Software

Click download icon on the top right

Choose Windows or mac OSX

then choose the Machine, Either Windows or macOS > click on the relevent icon


after download finished > Double Click to run the file then follow the steps in the software

Instalation will take less than five minutes to complete.

Set Backing Up

Find tally 'Data' folder

This is the easiset step right click on Tally Data folder > dew Drive > Click "Backup this item Now"

Set Backup time

You can change backing up time in Manage Backups by right clicking on dewDrive form Tray icon

Call if you neeed help

now on +919995080888

We will assist you over AnyDesk Or Teamviver


Restore Corrupted Data

You can go back in time and

Restore From 30+ Version

if you need any data of a pervious date/time , you can go back in 30 differnt dates and restore


happy backing up...

Safest and fastest tally bakup.
Supports all tally Versions - ERP 7,8,9 , Tally Server - All

No More Corrupted Tally / Company data Loss

highly secured tally backup..

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